About Us

About KeyDefend

KeyDefend, a private cyber security company with a focus on desktop computer security, is the brain behind KeyDefend. KeyDefend was founded on a very simple mission: to increase security and the safety of all users of a desktop machine. We understand the problem isn't going away, and the solutions proposed by other companies aren't a fix. We seek to fill the void.

Our Core Products

KeyDefend is the company's first innovation in computer secutiy and safety. KeyDefend's power and technology has yielded the ability to effectively protect computer desktops against the rampant threat of identity theft and keylogging. KeyDefend was a product of passion for cyber security and has been in development for many years. We are proud that thousands have chosen KeyDefend to keep their identity and sensitive information safe.

The Future

KeyDefend is just one of many products we intend to launch. In development for the future is a suite of products that we intend to release that will truly keep your online activity protected from hackers. Since KeyDefend's release, we have had many customers ask us for various cyber security applications that we have not released yet. We are committed to being a major player in this industry and offering solutions that protect the internet as a whole.

Contact Us

If you d like to know more about our products and services, please email your message to

We will answer any questions as much as possible. For billing and sale-related questions, please utilize our live chat or email us at sales@keydefend.com

Updated News
Beta version of KeyDefend released to internal beta testers
KeyDefend developmental testing done on a beta version.
Feb 4, 2010
KeyDefend is ready for release and sales and distribution begin
KeyDefend released publically on a large-scale to a world-wide audience.
July 29th, 2014
KeyDefend announces computer security suite in development
KeyDefend will be focusing on a creating a suite of core security products.
August 8th, 2014