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    Understanding The Cyber Security Epidemic.

    Data breaches, malware attacks, phishing, data base hacks, email leaks, and much more threats are often caused by passwords being stolen by hackers. Majority of the harmful malware that is floating around the internet attempting to penetrate businesses often contain keylogging capabilities.

    Typical security software, such as anti-virus software, is not very good at detecting unknown threats. They are limited to a database of threats that they have seen already. KeyDefend can protect you whether the threat is known or unknown! Your brand's reputation is on the line, so protect it while you're online!


    Our Approach To The Problem.

    Instead of looking for known threats, KeyDefend uses a unique kernel level driver that in real-time randomizes your keystrokes as you type them. This means even if hackers have infected your machine and are logging your keys, they are getting randomized letters that are not what you are typing!

    This allows our technology to be effective where typical security software fails. Businesses are being targeted more and more every year by hacking groups seeking to do maximum damage. Our software compliments existing security software in your stack!


    Cost Efficient Security!

    KeyDefend is able to protect a business for a minimal investment. Let's assume your business has 100 computers that need security. We assume you will purchase the Premium version at $39.99 each. 100 Computers * $39.99 is $3999.00 minus a total discount of 20% for bulk orders & business orders giving your entire business protection for $3199.20.

    The cost of KeyDefend is a small cost compared to the billions of dollars of damage done by cyber security attacks. KeyDefend aims to be an effective tool at preventing these attacks in a unique method. You could protect each computer in your office for just pennies per day! If your business does not have any form of keyboard randomization technology, each employee you have is an added risk to a hacker penetrating their machine!


    Lightweight, Easy To Use, Wide Support!

    KeyDefend is a lightweight application that runs in the background. As you type, a green overlay window appears randomizing the keystrokes as you type. You know it's at work if you see the green bar! The application you're typing receives the real keys while any other keylogging malware receives randomized false keys.

    KeyDefend supports a wide range of applications. Applications that businesses use everyday! There is no maintenace required, installation takes only a few seconds, and protection is in real-time! Just keep KeyDefend installed on the system and let it do it's job! KeyDefend can be plugged right into your existing security stack!

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