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KeyDefend in three editions: powerful protection; different limitations.


Free Protection for your Browser.

KeyDefend Personal is protection for anything you type in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or any of the 30 supported browsers. It protects all your keys struck on your keyboard on websites in the these browsers, including online shopping and online banking.


Top of the line protection.

KeyDefend Premium is our most powerful and unrestricted anti-keylogging program that protects all your typed keys in over 200+ applications. Protection starts as soon as you see the green bar notification showing your keys being safely protected.


The silver median.

KeyDefend Pro is our entry level anti-keylogging program that protects all your typed keys in over 130+ Windows applications, including browsers, popular email and IM/VoIP programs, password managers, music programs, and online games.

How do I pick my version? Whichever KeyDefend version
covers all the applications that you use!
If an application you use is not listed here, please email us.
We will get it added as soon as possible!

What You Get

  • Top of the line protection that prevents your data from being stolen by known and unknown keyloggers on your computer.
  • A product tested, trusted, and recommended by security experts around the world.
  • Safe guard your private information and online accounts. Enjoy peace of mind.
  • Protection that anti-virus scanners can't give. We protect you even when they can't!