KeyDefend Defends Against Data/Identity Theft.

KeyDefend is built to combat against hackers who are out to steal your identity and data. KeyDefend is an application that is installed to your computer to protect the keys you are typing. The only way a hacker is going to steal your information is by logging the keys you type. KeyDefend randomizes your keystrokes being typed so that the hacker ends up being a bunch of false letters and numbers that make no sense to them!

KeyDefend is protection at the core
and always keeping you safe.

KeyDefend protects you at the heart of your machine. When you are typing, KeyDefend is working in the background to keep you safe.

When typing, we turn your keys typed into a random letter and number combination sequence that will leave hackers mystified.

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KeyDefends protects your online banking accounts.

Even if you are infected with a lethal virus that is tracking everything you type, KeyDefend comes to the rescue.

By using KeyDefend, we protect your login information so that no one knows what you're typing except for the bank!

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KeyDefend e-mail protection!

Your email password is a prime target for hackers so they can steal just about anything that's connected to your email account. Imagine how much personal information that could be retrieved by giving your email to a stranger.

KeyDefend is able to protect your emails whether you login from a browser or use a mail client application.

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Social media account protection.

Ever had your social media account hacked? It's very likely that person keylogged your password without you knowing while you typed it on your computer. Imagine the damage that could be done when a hacker takes over your private life!

Keep your social media accounts intact and safe from malicious strangers who are trying to steal your account as we speak!

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Secure your online gaming account!

Everyday, thousands of online gaming accounts are hacked and your items, equipment, and currency are stolen by black market thieves.

KeyDefend protects some of the world's biggest online games from World of Warcraft® to RuneScape® and more.

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Is your life worth protecting?

Our personal life, interests, and assets are nearly 100% online. Everyone knows someone who's been hacked and had their lives changed.

Do not become that one who was left picking up the pieces after a hacker stole all your private information!

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Do you want to see KeyDefend live in action for free? We offer a limited trial or free version for your testing pleasures.

If you like it and think protecting your digital life and real world life is worth it, consider purchasing the PRO or Premium version.

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Virus Scanners don't do the job!

A virus scanner is not enough security! Sophisticated hackers build undetectable viruses that scanners can't pick up!

Even if you have a virus already installed on your machine that your anti-virus scanner did not find, KeyDefend is still protecting your keys!

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I have a high level character on my favorite game I play! The items I have have taken me months to grind and get. I never login without making sure KeyDefend is protecting my login. I feel at ease knowing that KeyDefend will protect me even if I happen to have a keylogger downloaded from many hackers who are just waiting to make me a victim. Thanks KeyDefend!"

- Nicholas M.

I pay all my bills online and recently discovered someone unauthorized logged into our bank accounts. I found KeyDefend and it gives me peace of mind that my hard earned money is mine!

- David R.