KeyDefend for gamers!
Protect your game assets!

Keep your high level online gaming accounts, game currency, and rare items safe from hackers who want to steal it!


Protect your online
identity from hackers!

KeyDefend was made to help keep your online identity safe from hackers who attempt to steal your private information.

shopping purchases

Protect your online
shopping purchases!

Protect yourself from hackers
who want your credit card number!

bank account

Protect your online
bank account!

Your bank account is your life!
Protect it with KeyDefend!

media accounts

Protect your social
media accounts!

Keep your Facebook, Twitter,
and online profiles safe!


Type like normal

Type on your keyboard just
like you normally would.


KeyDefend's magic

As you type, KeyDefend is
working it's magic.


You are protected!

Your keystrokes are
indecipherable to hackers!


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