How it Works

KeyDefend: A hacker's worst enemy!

We protect your keystrokes as you type!
In today's world, we use the internet to pay our bills, manage our money, communicate with friends, and do just about everything. Imagine if everything you typed was being watched and stolen by someone. Every day hackers are looking for their next victim. They ruin your lives for a profit and anti-virus scanners are not doing the job!
When you type something, it is traveling from your keyboard through your computer's core structure before it's relayed to the login form you are typing it to. Let's say - your online banking account. During this trip from keyboard to your online banking website, there are many data points where hackers can build malicious viruses to steal this information. KeyDefend creates a forcefield around your keystrokes so that hackers never know what you truly typed!

KeyDefend protects your typed keys from hackers. How does it work?

When you type on your keyboard with KeyDefend installed, we are simultaneously randomizing your keystrokes at the very root of your computer. Our protection lies where keyloggers can't inject themselves so easily. This means we guard the heart of your computer from hackers.
Since the keys you are typing become randomized by KeyDefend, it doesn't matter if you have viruses or keyloggers installed on your system. All hackers will see is a bunch of meaningless letters and numbers and they won't be able to steal anything!
The protected keys are sent to the application you are originally typing them into safely and accurately. This allows you to login to accounts without worrying. Have peace of mind when logging into your bank account, social media accounts, email, and online games!

Easy to use, instant protection!

KeyDefend is easy to use! Once installed, it will begin protecting you. You can tell it is protecting you by looking at the notification bar.

The notification bar will show you the new randomized keys that any viruses would see and not the real keys you are typing!

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Strong protection keeps you safe!

With over 100+ applications protected, KeyDefend aims to protect the applications you use the most.

Any keys typed in any of the protected applications will be protected by KeyDefend.

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What is a keylogger?

A keylogger is a malicious piece of software that is designed to steal your private and confidential information. Hackers use this software to steal money from your bank accounts, hack your social media accounts, email, online games, and much more!

KeyDefend is designed to nullify the effectiveness of any keylogger you have installed on your system. This is something that anti-virus scanners can't do!

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KeyDefend is on every one of our computers at work! We deal with very delicate information and login to access portals that control our services we provide to thousands of customers. We trust KeyDefend to safe guard our keystrokes to ensure maximimum safety for our customers. Thanks KeyDefend for helping a small business like ours that takes security very seriously!"

- Samuel T.